Halloween Update

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In my last blog, I posted about late October scrape hunting.  Since then, I've been out twice.  As luck would have it, I found multiple scrapes, freshly worked, on a field edge about 100 yards from my tree stand.  The wind was right, everything seemed good to go.  Both nights, however, were quite uneventful, other than perhaps a dozen does that came out to feed.  I wish I had more to report for the hunt, but the bucks simply weren't moving in this location during daylight hours.  On a positive note, the does circled downwind of me and I went undetected (thank you, ScentMaster!!)....

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Late October Scrape Hunting

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By Jody Hadachek on

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Without a doubt, the rut is the ultimate for big buck encounters.  But if you're hunting a specific buck, it's hard to tell where he may be; for all we know, he could be several miles down a drainage or in a pasture chasing estrous does.  In November, I may very well kill a big buck that's been hunted by another deer hunter in a completely different location.  So it stands to reason that, while the rut is great for seeing nomadic giants, it quite possibly could be the toughest time to kill a specific mature buck.  The does are his pattern right now.  So.....how can we take advantage of the rut's influence on specific mature deer we're targeting on our properties?  Late October scrape hunting is that meal ticket for us.  That's what this blog entry is all about.

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Getting Your Gear Ready For Deer Season

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Now is the time of year when most of us are getting things around for season.  Some of you probably make checklists while others just grab things and go!  I try and keep everything organized throughout the year but still seem to be missing stuff I need when season rolls back around!  I try and keep a checklist of my stuff to help me keep organized and to make sure everything makes it into my pack.

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Understanding Nature’s Survival Machines

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"Mature bucks are nature's ultimate survival machines."  I've used that saying for years, and, other than perhaps a wily old coyote, I think it pretty much holds true and they stand atop the list of nature's wariest animals.  We obsess over them, hunt them, and every once in awhile, we're lucky enough to kill one and drag him to our truck.  But the vast majority of mature bucks are survivalists, and they don't make many mistakes.  But why exactly is that?  I'm going to offer my own insight and, hopefully, answer that question.

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ScentMaster Update

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By Terron Bauer on

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Well things are really starting to get busy for us here at ScentMaster.  Jamie has been in North Carolina at a show for the last few days. He visited with several bowshops in the area that are very interested in carrying ScentMasters. He will also be making several stops this week at archery shops as he travels to the next show.

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