Burning For Better Habitat

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By Terron Bauer on

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Burning Brome Grass

For the last few years on my family farm that I hunt I have been battling brome grass.  Brome grass suppresses growth of many plants and small trees and is not very attractive to whitetails. My plan going into this year was to get rid of my brome.

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Was my deer an EHD survivor?

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By Jody Hadachek on

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I didn't notice it until I'd already drug the heavy thing a couple hundred yards.  After dragging my 200 pound buck through the weeds, I sat down for a much-needed breather.  That's when I saw them .... split hooves!!  Now, I've never personally killed a buck with split hooves such as this; why did he have them??  After posting the buck's picture online, a wildlife biologist friend of mine said most likely my deer's hooves were split from surviving EHD!

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Tough, Tough Deer Season

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By Terron Bauer on

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Well everybody, I hope this finds you all well and more sucessful then I have been this season. My season started back on September 15th and was off to a good start. I had daylight pictures of a buck that was still in velvet and to make it even better the pictures were in daylight!  My wife and I started hunting him right off the bat, but we didn't have any luck.  It wasn't long and all sign of him vanished from the cameras!  More than likely, the reason why he was still in velvet was because he was super skinny and looked to possibly have EHD or was recovering from it.

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