ScentMaster LLC located in Tipton, IA brought their first product, the ScentMaster Box, to market in November 2011.  Prior to that time the ScentMaster LLC owners  spent 4 ½ years redesigning the original ScentMaster which was first developed back in the late 1990’s by another company. The original ScentMaster, of which only 500 were ever produced, was similar to the current product, but very different in a number of ways also. The original unit didn’t utilize carbon filters, wasn’t as big, and had very uneven air flow in the unit, as well as a number of other things which have since been changed. After spending 4 ½ years perfecting the technology, working with engineers, and interviewing suppliers and manufacturers located in the United States, the first proto-types were built.  ScentMaster LLC was encouraged by a number of individuals to take the blow-molding process and purchase components from overseas manufacturers and suppliers.  ScentMaster LLC made the conscious decision not to do that and currently have everything manufactured and supplied by companies in the United States.

All the components for the ScentMaster Boxes are shipped to our Tipton facility where they are assembled, tested, boxed, and shipped.

ScentMaster LLC has approximately 200 dealers of the ScentMaster boxes from Colorado to New York, all of which have been added in the last 12 months.  ScentMaster LLC continues to actively seek and add dealers.

In the spring of 2012, we started to receive a number of requests for larger units, particularly from fire depts., school athletic depts., and hunters.  Development then began on our ScentMaster Lockers.  After approximately 10 months of design work, proto-type development and testing, as well as interviewing manufacturers, the ScentMaster Lockers became available for sale.  In the spring of 2013 we started placing units in a number of high school athletic departments.  The Lockers are built by 2 manufacturers, 1 located in Alabama and 1 in Iowa.  The lockers are then brought into our Tipton facility where the motors are wired and tested, filters inserted, and any additional special order work on the lockers is done.

ScentMaster LLC has 4 full-time employees and 6 part-time employees at this time and will be adding more full-time staff before year end 2013.  ScentMaster also just recently hired 5 dedicated sales reps who will be working solely with high school and college athletic departments in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania.  ScentMaster LLC will continue to seek and hire additional sales reps in other states as we continue to grow our presence in the athletic market.

ScentMaster LLC holds multiple patents on our technological processes and continues to research and develop additional products for other marketplace applications.

ScentMaster Team

Should you wish to contact us, please use our contact form or direct all correspondence to:

ScentMaster, Inc.
212 West South Street
Tipton, IA 52772
P: (855) 813-8802
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