"Killing big bucks consistently, year after year, is all about paying attention to the details. I trust ScentMaster as one of my steps in keeping my clothes scent free!"

— Jeff Danker, Major League Bowhunter

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Jeff Danker of Major League Bowhunter

Bill Winke of Midwest Whitetails

Bill Winke of Midwest Whitetail

Grant Woods of GrowingDeer.tv

Dr. Grant Woods of GrowingDeer.tv


Tiffany and I are fanatics about scent control and have tried just about everything when it comes to "in season" scent control and storage. A couple of years ago we started using the ScentMaster boxes and they have made a huge difference in our program and success. When it comes to scent control and storage of hunting clothing, boots and accessories, nothing compares or works better for us than Scent Master.

I’ve always struggled with keeping my clothes and gear scent free after their removed from the washing machine and when I get in the tree stand. That is until a friend introduced me to ScentMaster! ScentMaster’s use of a airtight design, 130 degree air, and huge carbon filter does a great job of removing existing odors and preventing new odor from forming on cloths/gear. It’s perfect for protecting my gear while I’m hunting at home or traveling!

I've chased whitetails with a stick and string almost my entire life and the one thing I know for sure is that the whitetail's nose, knows! So for years I've washed with scent-free soap and I've worn carbon lined clothing. And now I've added a scent eradicating system called ScentMaster to my arsenal. In addition to extracting moisture and scent from my hunting garments, this unit will even pull odors out of my boots, arrows, bow quiver, range finder and binocular straps, and a host of other items I can't easily wash." Smell me now!

Airing out clothing using warm, filtered air after each day of hunting is the final step in the perfect scent reduction system.

Killing big bucks consistently, year after year, is all about taking the right steps and paying attention to the details. I trust ScentMaster as one of my steps in keeping my clothes scent free!

After receiving my ScentMaster I prepared my clothes as described on the website and then ran them through my ScentMaster box. The next day I went hunting and the wind was not right for a specific trail however it was good for the other 2 trails that pass this stand. Around 6:30 I had this buck walk through to 13 yards before he even noticed what was going on. I have never had any deer come in on this trail let alone something like this. Thank you ScentMaster.

— Jason Miller

I used the ScentMaster all season and it is a great addition and difference maker for my scent control system. I arrowed a great Kansas buck at 12 steps, and thanks to my ScentMaster, he never knew what hit him.

— Heath Whetstine, Rawhide Outfitters in Kansas

Thank you ScentMaster for such a great product. We have taken great bucks while hunting in Illinois. The ScentMaster will without a doubt always be part of our hunting arsenal!

— Garrett Barger, Pass'n it onOutdoors, Pro Staff

Since owning the ScentMaster the number of encounters I am having has increased drastically.  Scent Control is so important to me and this product has put me over the top.

— Cory Wiedel

I can honestly say that this is the first year of archery season in my life that i have not been winded even once! Even with 2 people in the tree and deer comin in downwind we haven't been busted! This thing is awesome!

— Jack Esterly, Reinholds, Pa.

We have two slick heads down on film today. Nine deer downwind of us for 20 minutes never winded us. The ScentMaster Box rocks! Your product is unbelievable! The footage we got today is unreal.

— Jeff at WWDOutdoors

With a strong NW wind, swirling around to the NE when it gusted, I had a doe and her fawns work past me North to South. As they disappeared over a small rise, I hear the telltale noise of a deer walking in the oak leaves. I pulled up my binos to see this mature buck, head down, walking towards the doe and fawns that just went through my swirling wind. At 25 yards, he stops, slightly quartering to me and I'm able to compose myself and settle the pin. Without proper scent control, I feel the doe and fawn would have busted me and I never would have gotten a chance at this big mature buck. My best to date. Thanks for a wonderful, simple, effective product!

— Rick Souerdyke, Nebraska

I am a smoker and a bowhunter and I have always had issues with scent control. I have tried everything and have just never been able to find something that consistently works for me. I have been using the ScentMaster for two seasons now and all I can say is what a great product and difference maker it has been for me. I have had so many deer downwind and close since I started using the ScentMaster and they never knew I was there. I use it daily with my clothing and boots. Everyone who is serious about scent control needs to have one of these units.

— Leroy from North Liberty, Iowa

ScentMaster gives me the confidence that I can hunt scent free.

— Jim from New Jersey

Thank you for enjoying and sharing my feelings about serious deer hunting. When things work you stick with them, and the ScentMaster works. I know ScentMaster has updated models available but by the time I wear my current one out, I’ll most likely be too old to put in all the time and effort to REALLY HUNT. So I guess you could say my ScentMaster will last me a lifetime of deer hunting! Thanks again for the great product!

— Bob

Several years ago I purchased a ScentMaster to use for Scent Control for my hunting clothes and gear. My ScentMaster today is still a main part of my arsenal and it has worked flawlessly since my original purchase. I highly recommend the ScentMaster for all hunters that are serious about scent control and scent masking. Buy it today, it works!

— Rick E., South Carolina

I have owned a ScentMaster for a long time. I use it daily and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about scent control. I have been to Canada twice to bear hunt, and also have been deer hunting in Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado, and of course hunt here in my home state of Pennsylvania. I never leave home without using it and I take it on all my trips. I do taxidermy work for a living and when people ask me about all the animals in my showroom, I tell them it is all due to my ScentMaster. My brother uses mine where he lives in the Poconos for coyote hunting and I can tell you the only way to outsmart the nose of an animal is with the ScentMaster. People have asked me what I don’t like about the ScentMaster and it is this: Everyone wants to use mine! I tell them to get their own!

— Scott Covelens, PA

We used the ScentMaster Box all weekend and I have to say it has raised the bar on being scent free!  What an awesome product! Nice looking, lightweight, contains a lot of gear and it works. Unbelievable. Thank you!

— Bruce Rossman, Whitetail Paradise

The Scentmaster Box is unbelievable. This year was a game changer. I was disciplined in using it before and after every hunt and not once, and I repeat not once did I have a deer detect me because of my scent. It will always be in my arsenal of products to make me a better hunter.

— John Price Jr.

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of my 2011 Kansas deer. It's my best deer to date he's five and half years old and scores right at 153".  What was great about this hunt is it was I used the Scentmaster for the first time. Although I had numerous deer, older does and even some mature bucks down wind, none of them could smell me or showed any signs of concern. I'm usually very skeptical when it comes to the next big thing, but the Scentmaster is the real deal. Thanks for making such a great product.

— Marty Hug, Owner of Split Arrow Archery

Thanks ScentMaster! What a difference your product makes for our hunters. We run your machines continuously.

— R & J Outfitters

This buck was killed at 7 yards at Iron Gate Lodge in Kansas. 157 inches, 300 lbs, 5 1/2 years old. Thanks ScentMaster for a great product.

— Kyle

Had four deer downwind of me for over 15 minutes before he made his way to me. I'm a firm believer in ScentMaster!

— Cam Grabast, Owner of Mac Island Outdoors

Thanks ScentMaster, your product really made a difference for me!

— Chris Pierson, Ultimate Land Management

The ScentMaster is that missing piece of the puzzle that so many guys need and have been looking for. It really is a difference maker for me.

— Byran from Kansas

I have used the sent master for years. I hunt in the Adirondacks so I wear a lot of wool clothes that absorbs a lot of odors.With the sent master I feel confident that I will blend into my surroundings. I use the carbon sheets to take all sent away,then use a small amount of doe urine as not to alarm the deer.

— John

I have had deer directly down wind from me on many occasions and they have not scented me. Of course keeping your body clean and scent free helps also, but neither of us would think of a hunt without first running our hunting clothes thru the ScetnMaster. Thanks for a great product from two 72 year old Pennsylvania Bowhunters.

— Jim Ennis

I just received your ScentMaster Box in the mail last week and thought you would like to see a field photo of how your system works. I am a Pro Staffer for Buck Evolution out here in Southern Oregon and I'm the owner of Rogue Outfitters. We do trophy blackbear and blacktail hunts. My wife (Kim) took this trophy black bear at 70 yards with the wind blowing directly to him from behind us. Using your system, the big boar never knew we were there. We have the system running in our guest quarters and all of our clients that hunt and stay with us will be using it. I look forward to sending you some more photos as the season unfolds. Thanks again for a great product. 

— John Souza, Owner of Rogue Outfitters

I am a firm believer and owner of the ScentMaster box. I have owned the original smaller box and currently own the newer larger box. As an archery hunter, this box provides a great convenience for removing human scent from my hunting apparel allowing me to get close to the game while providing much needed scent-free storage space. For years prior to owning a ScentMaster, after a hunt I would have to take time to hang all my hunting clothes on an outside line, spray them down with scent killer, then bring them in at the threat of bad weather. Now I simply dump them in the box and turn it on knowing my clothes will be ready for the next hunt. What a great product!

— Chris from Gibsonville, NC

My experience with the ScentMaster has been unbelievable, especially during bow hunting season hunting mature whitetails. It is a must have piece of equipment for every serious whitetail hunter.

— Ed from PA

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