When to Act Like a Farmer

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By Jody Hadachek on

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This scenario is bound to happen to a hunter sooner or later:  As darkness falls, there are deer out in the field that you simply don't want to disturb.  No matter how you plan it, the walk out is going to disturb one of these animals.  Last week I ran into this exact scenario, so I thought I'd share the tactic I used to (hopefully) keep the deer from becoming too paranoid about me being there.

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Velvet is shedding, Now what?

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By Jody Hadachek on

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The time has come.  Finally.  Velvet is beginning to strip off, and thoughts of my beloved whitetails are running through my mind like never before.  Somewhere....somewhere out there, is the buck I'm going to shoot this year - what will he look like?  I guess we'll find out in the upcoming months!  What can we expect now?  What will the deer be doing when season opens?  Let's investigate and find out!

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Understanding Nature’s Survival Machines

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By Jody Hadachek on

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"Mature bucks are nature's ultimate survival machines."  I've used that saying for years, and, other than perhaps a wily old coyote, I think it pretty much holds true and they stand atop the list of nature's wariest animals.  We obsess over them, hunt them, and every once in awhile, we're lucky enough to kill one and drag him to our truck.  But the vast majority of mature bucks are survivalists, and they don't make many mistakes.  But why exactly is that?  I'm going to offer my own insight and, hopefully, answer that question.

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Destination Food Plot, The Late Season Hotspot

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By Terron Bauer on

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If any of you have ever hunted over a late season food source, you know what I mean about it being a hotspot! Three years ago on the farm I hunt, I suggested we plant soybeans and not harvest them so the deer have a place to feed late season when the weather gets tough.  The only problem we faced was where we were going to plant them.  All of our fields were currently being farmed.  After thinking about it, we decided that after the wheat was harvested, we would drill beans into the wheat stubble just as farmers do when they double crop their fields to get more profit, but for us hunters, instead of profit, we have a late season whitetail hotspot.  The beans weren't the greatest and were maybe 20 bushel to the acre, but we had a seven acre field that seemed to be a magnet come late season.  Mid December it turned cold.  It was one of the coldest Decembers I can remember in the last 10 years.  The snow flew several times a week and took a huge toll on the whitetails' health.  The deer that were on our farm seemed to be in great health with all the food that was available to them.

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