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Large Deer Shed

I've waited nine months for this.  Nine ....long.....months.  After my final shed hunt of 2012 this past April, I was already looking forward to my next one.  And here we are, it's late January, and "the time" has come.  I plan on taking you with me along my journey and many miles of walking throughout the winter months, and you'll get to experience my triumphs and dejections of shed hunting.  This blog will give you a little glimpse into one of my biggest passions and set the stage for more shed postings as the month of February progresses.

This is a very spiritual time for me, and it's hard to explain why. Finding a shed laying on the ground is an amazing feeling, a sense of accomplishment that's hard to put into words. I'm still old school I guess; I don't have a shed dog....not because I don't like dogs (because I do), or because I think it's a cheap way to find antlers (because I don't)....but I just love seeing them laying on the ground and knowing that I'm the first person to ever hold that antler in my hands.  It's great exercise and an amazing time with family and friends. After finding my first set of sheds over 20 years ago, it never gets old and I soak in everything that nature has to offer.  I like big sheds, small sheds, light sheds, dark sheds, sheds with long tines, sheds with short tines, drop tines, character sheds, you name it - I just love sheds, and there's certainly no need to discriminate!

While waiting for shed season to get here, I've done a lot of different things - worked hard in my teaching job, built a few projects, and have even bought some big antlers.  A guy has to do SOMETHING to keep his mind occupied during the off season.  But I pretty much have a one-track mind, and that makes for a really long wait.  So when shed season rolls around, I do what any serious shed hunter does - I put on my boots and the miles start adding up.  So you might be surprised to hear I've only been out ONCE during January. What's up with that??  Well for starters, work has had me swamped.  And, as I type this, I'm suffering from one of the absolute worst sinus infections I have ever had.  So how did that first walk turn out?  Well here's the skinny:

I wanted to get out and see what sheds were in a brand new area that I'd never walked before.  It was mostly stubble field with two waterways scattered with small timber.  I thought there might be bone in there, and it was an area that most people would overlook.  After 30 minutes, I found my first shed, from last year.  It was a lil' guy, laying out in the wide open grass.  After scooping it up, I continued to the next waterway and saw tines hiding in the grass.  After taking some pictures and wondering what was down there, I pulled a real nice 70" six point side out of its grassy hideaway and it saw the sun for the first time in several years.  It wound up being a great time, with two antlers found.  Then I got sick, and that brings us to right now.

So, when I get over this sinus infection, I'll be hitting the trails hard, and hopefully I'll find a few amazing works of natural art that have been left behind.  Who knows?? Maybe I'll find a new personal best of some sort.  One thing you can count on, though, is that I plan on sharing it with you!  I hope my fellow bloggers do the same!!  Good luck!!

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