The Biggest Shed of the Year Might Be….??

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Well everyone, after what seems like a terribly long winter, spring is right around the corner and my wife & I have scooped up some nice antlers.  It took forever for the snow to melt, but we've been putting in the miles in an attempt to find that whopper antler that's laying out in the grass somewhere.  While shed season isn't anywhere close to finished for us, I have a feeling the largest shed that will be found this year was scooped up by my wife.

You see, she managed to find a gorgeous 70 1/2 inch antler laying in a buck's scrape recently, and while score isn't everything, I just haven't been able to top that number for the year.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not into competing with others when it comes to sheds or really anything else for that matter - but we always have this friendly competition each and every year, and the last time she claimed the size crown was back in the spring of she's due!!

The shed in question was dropped last year, and has a damaged g-3 tine from the velvet growing season; had it not been for that, the shed would have scored even higher.  I walked that creek in late March last year, and the landowner informed me there was still a big buck in there carrying his rack.  The shed was not laying in that spot when I last walked it, but was obviously a year old.  Figuring this deer was the one the landowner had been talking about, I showed him the shed and he confirmed it was the buck he'd been telling me about, and it had dropped in there late.  We put in an exhaustive search for the other side, but it never turned up.  My guess is that it's on either side of this property where I don't have permission to walk.

This girls knows her stuff when it comes to sheds. Will this be the biggest shed of the year for the Hadacheks?

Will she wind up with the biggest shed of 2013?  There's only one way to find out ..... we still have a lot of trails to walk!!  On a side note, the same day she found this awesome shed, she also found her first hanger!  My wife is pretty good at this shed hunting thing; don't tell her this, but I'm rather jealous of her mad antler skills ......  :)

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