"The ScentMaster is easy to use, effective, and SAFE. Use it correctly and consistently, and you will experience a marked difference in the number of close encounters."

— The ScentMaster Team

Here are some recommendations to using the ScentMaster.

Prior to the Hunting Season

Having purchased new clothing or using clothing you already own, follow the steps you have in the past, or the following:

  1. Run your washing machine with no clothing in it, using a scent-free detergent to remove unwanted odors
  2. Wash your clothing using a scent-free detergent
  3. While doing step 2, vacuum out the lint trap in your dryer, spray the inside of the dryer with a scent removing spray, and wipe down with a scent free cloth.  Then run scent free dryer sheets through the dryer for a cycle or two to remove all foreign odors.
  4. Upon completion of the wash cycle, remove the used scent-free dryer sheets from the dryer and put your clothing and new scent-free dryer sheets in and run until clothing is dry.
  5. At this point, put your clothing into the ScentMaster and run for a full cycle.  You can leave your clothing in the ScentMaster until you are ready to hunt, or remove and store in a clean, scent-free bag.

**Please be sure to always follow the clothing manufacturers’ washing and drying instructions regarding cycle types and temperatures to avoid damaging your clothing.

Initially Using the ScentMaster

  1. Place the large charcoal filter in the bottom of the box and the small filter in the scent basket.  You may need to use a pen knife or regular screwdriver to open the scent basket lid as these fit very tightly.
  2. Place your clothing, boots, accessories, release, binoculars and range finder in the unit.  Set the timer for an hour and turn it on.  The unit will automatically turn off when done.
  3. You are now ready to hunt.  If you use scent control sprays, continue to do so-they can’t hurt.  If you use cover sprays, continue to do so.  Do what you like and what you are most comfortable with.  We each are different and like different things.

Ongoing Use of the ScentMaster

The ScentMaster is designed to be used each time after you hunt to quickly clean and dry your clothing and accessories.  Each time when you come in from hunting immediately strip down and put everything in the ScentMaster to eliminate bacteria causing moisture and eliminate any residual odors your clothing may have picked up.  The Scentmaster is NOT designed to replace washing of your clothing, but to decrease the number of times you have to wash your clothing during a season.  It is used to maintain your clothing on a daily basis.  Use some common sense with it - if you have totally trashed your clothing, then you might be better off rewashing everything and starting over.

Tips for Using the ScentMaster

  1. Stand your boots upright in the rear left corner of the unit directly below where the motor sucks all the air out of the unit.  This will ensure all moisture is removed immediately in the toes of your boots.  As we all know, boots are some of the hardest things to take care of.
  2. Go ahead and pack your clothing in the unit.  Obviously, the less there is, the better it will work.  But because of the volume of air movement, the air will find its way through all the nooks and crannies.
  3. Don’t neatly fold your clothing before putting it in the unit.  By doing so you create surfaces which make it harder for the air to move through.
  4. If 2 of you are using the unit at the same time and there is not enough room and you have to pick and choose what to put in or not, always put in your boots, socks, base layers, hat, gloves, release, range finder and binoculars.  Anything which touches your skin is most important.
  5. Don’t be afraid to put binoculars or range finders in the unit.  The temperature will not damage them.  In my case I like to lay my range finder, binoculars, and release on top of everything else so as I pull things out I don’t accidently drop them on the floor and damage them.
  6. Each of our body types is different and the weather we hunt in is different.  Some people perspire more than others, and some hunt in hotter, more humid climates. If you find it takes 2 one hour cycles to completely dry your clothing in the early season, then do so.  Some guys like to spray their clothing with scent reducing sprays prior to putting their clothes in the ScentMaster.  That is ok too. Find what works best for you, develop a routine, and do it.  Just remember to use the unit after each hunt, this is critical.
  7. What to do if you ever get caught in rain or a snow storm and get really wet.  When you come in, remove both carbon filters before putting your clothing in the unit.  Leave the scent box lid at the top open and run the unit for a 1 hour cycle.  The purpose of doing this is so the excess moisture has a place to be vented.  At the end of the cycle, replace your filters, close the scent box lid and run the unit for a 1 hour cycle like you normally would.  If you don’t do this, the unit will eventually dry your clothing, it will just take a long time because there is nowhere for the excessive moisture to go.
  8. Do not ever block the vent directly above the motor at the top of the unit while it is running.  This is how the motor cools itself and by doing so, you will cause the motor to overheat and shut itself down.  Should this happen, turn the unit off, and let it stand for 5 minutes or so, then restart the unit.

One final thought, don’t skimp on your personal hygiene.  Bathe with unscented soaps, and avoid contact with foreign odors.  And if at all possible, dress once you reach your location if you are driving.

The ScentMaster is easy to use, effective, convenient, and SAFE.  Use it correctly and consistently, and you will see and experience a marked difference in the number of close encounters you have each year.

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