"Think of your ScentMaster as a “tote on steroids”. The ScentMaster is designed to keep things clean and dry, plus everything you need for your next hunt is in one place."

— The ScentMaster Team
  1. Should I leave the carbon filters in at all times?
    Yes I would, unless you are using the scent basket to add a cover scent, then you need to remove the filters, otherwise you are working against yourself by trying to scent your clothing while have a filter in.
  2. What if my clothes get really wet from rain or a snow storm?
    The ScentMaster will dry your clothing if you use it as you normally would, it will just take quite a while as there is nowhere for the moisture to vent so the wet air is being recirculated.  The best and fastest way to dry your clothing is to remove the carbon filters, open the small scent box lid on top and run your clothing for a 1 hour cycle with the scent box lid open so the excessive moisture can vent.  Then replace the filters and close the scent box lid and run for another cycle.
  3. How often should I change the carbon filters in my ScentMaster?
    The problem with carbon is you can’t look at it and tell if it is used up or not.  In fact the company we buy the carbon from tells us the life of the carbon filter depends on your body type, how often you use the unit, and the type of weather you hunt in, air velocity, humidity, odor levels, and temperature.  With that in mind we recommend you replace the filters annually to always be certain you have the highest quality carbon working for you and they only cost $24.95 retail.  Realistically, you can probably get a couple of years out of a filter set.
  4. Can I re-activate or regenerate the carbon filters in my ScentMaster?
    There seems to be some controversy in the marketplace regarding this whole issue of re-activation or regeneration.  Our position is the filters in the ScentMaster need to be periodically replaced, ideally annually, with new filters as the old filters will eventually become full and no longer adsorb odors as efficiently.
  5. Should I still use carbon clothing or scent-reducing sprays if I have a ScentMaster?
    Let me be completely honest regarding this – we don’t believe any one product is 100% perfect or fool-proof.  Scent control is a process and a combination of things working together.  We believe the ScentMaster is the missing link in the overall process and moves an individual’s chances significantly closer to being 100% scent-free.  Having said that we still shower with scent-free soap, some of my clothing is carbon-lined, I spray my boots, and pants down, and always try to hunt with the wind in my favor.
  6. How long should I run the ScentMaster to de-scent my clothing?
    Typically 1 cycle (60 minutes) will be enough.  However, a lot depends on the type of weather you are hunting in (hot and humid) and your body type (perspire easily or heavily).  You may need to run 2 cycles early in the season or if you have really put a lot of odor and moisture into your clothing, boots, and accessories.
  7. After running my clothing through the ScentMaster can I store them in it until the next time I hunt?
    Absolutely!  Think of your ScentMaster as a “tote on steroids”.  The ScentMaster is designed to keep things clean and dry, plus everything you need for your next hunt is in one place where you can find it.  In fact a lot of hunters actually will load their ScentMaster up in their truck, drive to their hunting location, and pull their clothes out and get dressed then.  This is why we made the unit lightweight and put handles on the side.  One note of caution if you are doing this, if you set the unit in the back of your truck and don’t have a topper, make sure you cover the unit with a tarp or plastic so you don’t expose the motor or timer to rain or snow as moisture will damage your unit.
  8. Why should I own a ScentMaster – I have carbon lined clothing, use sprays, and shower using scent-free soaps?
    We all do or have at some point right?  We don’t believe any 1 product is 100% effective or fool-proof.  Scent control is a process which you must practice daily and be very diligent about.  The whole point with the ScentMaster is effectively eliminating bacteria causing moisture and odors which accumulate on the interior of your boots, socks, base layers, gloves, hat, and your release, each day when you return from hunting, before it becomes a huge issue.  If you aren’t removing those odors and moisture from your clothing and equipment on a daily basis, I can guarantee you are not as scent-free on the 3rd day of hunting as you were on the first, no matter what else you might be doing or wearing.  Remember, the odors we deal with as a hunter come from the inside out – from our bodies, not from the outside in.
  9. Can I use my ScentMaster in the back of my truck?
    Yes you can and that is a great way to use it if you have to drive to your hunting location.  Just remember if you don’t have a topper and there is a chance of rain or snow, to cover your ScentMaster with a tarp to prevent the precipitation from damaging the motor or timer.
  10. Will the ScentMaster run on an inverter?
    Yes it will.  The motor is 1 HP and very powerful, so you will need a minimum inverter watt rating of 789 which will need to be wired directly into your vehicle battery.
  11. Is it safe to use the ScentMaster with my wool clothing, range finder, and binoculars?
    Yes it is.  The recirculated air in the ScentMaster will not get hotter than 130 degrees which will not damage range finders or binoculars.  We have a lot of customers in the NE who wear wool, which I don’t.  However, they have all told me that it is very hard to care for and keep dry and the ScentMaster works perfectly for them. 
  12. I had some really stinky boots that I put in the ScentMaster for an hour, and after they came out they smelled better, but still had some odor to them.  Why is this?
    Ok, first things first.  The ScentMaster is not a “magic” product like some companies claim theirs are.  So on scale of 10, with a 10 being completely scent-free, your boots were probably a 1 or 2.  The ScentMaster will eventually take those odors out of your boots, you will simply have to run multiple cycles to do so.  The key though is to NOT let your boots or clothing get to that point.  By using the ScentMaster daily you prevent that from happening.
  13. Since I am now using a ScentMaster, does that mean I don’t need to wash my clothing?
    Yes, you still need to wash your clothing.  The ScentMaster will not remove blood or dirt from your clothing.  Additionally, you still need to wash your stuff prior to the start of every season.  Also, if you have really, really trashed your clothing or spilled something like gasoline on your pants, wash them.  The ScentMaster eliminates the need to launder your clothing as often, but it isn’t “magic”.  Do everything you can to keep scent free.
  14. My son and I want to share a unit – what is the best way?
    There are 2 ways, take turns and when one person is done put their stuff in a clean dry bag while the other uses the ScentMaster.  The other option would to be to only put your boots, socks, base layers, gloves, hats, releases, range finders and binoculars in the unit, leaving out your coats and pants.  Your coats and pants actually hold very little odor or moisture since they are not in direct contact with your body, and assuming you have not exposed them to other foreign odors.  Of course, the 3rd option would be to buy a second unit for your son!

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