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Proven Technology Backed By 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
1. Moisture is the #1 cause of bacteria growth which causes odor. By quickly and
efficiently removing the moisture from equipment, shoes, uniforms, etc. you can
significantly reduce odors in locker rooms, athletic facilities, and schools.
2. Sweat and moisture lead to premature aging and deterioration of equipment, shoes
and uniforms. Regular cleaning of most athletic equipment is not possible, and
in the case of robes and band uniforms (which must be dry cleaned) not feasible
economically in todayís environment of tight budgets and limited resources.
3. By stopping bacteria growth and preventing potential mold and mildew growth, you
are extending the life of your equipment, uniforms, and shoes thereby preventing early
and un-budgeted replacement resulting in significant savings.
4. Through removal and prevention of bacteria growth, mold, and mildew you will
significantly increase the hygiene levels in your athletic and extracurricular facilities
and with your students.
5. The ScentMaster Locker has a 1 year money back guarantee. Use your
machine(s) for a year and in the event you donít like it, we will refund to you
100% of your purchase price assuming the unit is undamaged.
6. Lockers should be used daily after each practice, game, or activity.
Cabinet Features:
1. Large 4 ft wide x 2 ft deep x 6 ft height allows you
to accommodate a large amount of equipment or
clothing at the same time.
2. Channeled air outlets evenly distribute
air through your equipment.
3. Air tight so the only air being cleaned and
dried is what is already in the locker.
4. The 130 degree heat acts to loosen
odor molecules locked and trapped in
equipment, clothing, and shoes. This level
of heat is completely safe and will not
damage shoes, clothing, or equipment.
5. Two removable shelves allow you to take
advantage of the hanging rack (if desired)
for band uniforms, choir robes, side-line
6. Four strong swivel wheels allow the unit to
be easily moved from boys to girls locker
rooms, band rooms, etc.
7. The units have latches on the side which
can be secured with a padlock allowing
coaches and teachers to secure and
protect equipment and shoes from theft and
unauthorized access.
8. Simply turn the unit on at the end of practice or
activity and allow it to run overnight. Turn it off
the next morning when you return to the facility

Introducing the NEW Scent Master Locker

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I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for donating a ScentMaster to our schoolís BackPack Program.  We use the ScentMaster each week to remove odors from the backpacks before refilling them for students.  Often the backpacks are returned to school with the smell of smoke, and the ScentMaster freshens and removes the smoke odor so it is not bothersome for students and staff who are working with the backpacks.  We also anticipate that as the weather gets colder we will be able to use the ScentMaster to remove odors and smoke from studentís coats as needed.  Because we use 100%  of the funds we raise to purchase food items for the students, we would not have been able to purchase something like this on our own.  It is with great appreciation that we thank you for being supportive of our BackPack program by donating this very helpful piece of equipment.

Becky Adkisson
K-6 Guidance Counselor
Fillmore Central Elementary
Geneva, NE