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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Should I leave the charcoal filters in at all times?
A:   Yes, I would, unless you are using the scent basket to add a cover scent, then you need to remove the filters, otherwise you are working against yourself
by trying to scent your clothing while having a filter in, which descents them.

Q:  Can I re-activate or regenerate the charcoal filters in my ScentMaster.                                     
A:  There is some controversy out there regarding this whole issue of re-activation or regeneration.  Our position is the filters in the ScentMaster need to be
periodically replaced with new filters as the old filters will eventually become full and no longer adsorb odors effectively.

Q:  Adsorb or absorb, what is the difference?
A:   Adsorption occurs when activated carbon grabs and holds other compounds, including gases, scents and odors.  Just as a sponge soaks up water,
activated carbon media adsorbs odors and fumes.  Absorption is the process of actually taking something in, such as absorbing heat or sunlight.  Somewhat
confusing I know.

Q:  How often should I change the charcoal filters in my ScentMaster?
A:   Air velocity, humidity, odor level, and temperature influence the odor elimination process and the life expectancy of the activated carbon/charcoal. 
Therefore, it depends how much you are hunting and in what type of weather.  If you are hunting a lot and we are having a particularly warm fall, I would tell
you that you need to change your filters more frequently.  For the average hunter (15-20 days in the field per season) and normal fall/winter temperatures, we
recommend you change your filters twice per season.  Please keep in mind that we also recommend you wash your clothing during that time using a scent-free

Q:  Should I still use carbon clothing or scent-elimination sprays if I have a ScentMaster?
A:  Let me be completely honest regarding this - we donít believe any one product is 100% perfect or fool-proof.  We believe the ScentMaster is the missing
link in the overall process of scent control and moves an individualís chances significantly closer to being 100% scent-free than without it.  Having said that, I
still shower with scent-free soap every time I hunt and some of my clothing is carbon lined.  I also always spray my boots with a scent-free spray before each

Q:  How long should I run the ScentMaster to de-scent my clothing?
A:  That depends on the type of weather you are hunting in (hot and humid, or cooler) and your body type (someone who perspires heavily).  Typically, 15-
30 minutes is ample for the normal person in normal weather conditions.

Q:  After running my clothes through the ScentMaster can I store them in it until the next time I hunt?
A:  Absolutely!  Think of your ScentMaster as a ďhunterís hamperĒ.  The ScentMaster is designed to be air tight and I canít think of a better place, especially
if your charcoal filters are in place.  Plus, everything you need is in one place where you can find it when you go hunting.  We know of individuals who actually
transport their clothing in the ScentMaster from home to their hunting location, then get dressed.  This is why we designed the handles on each side of the
ScentMaster box.

Q:  Why should I own a ScentMaster - I have carbon lined clothing, use sprays, and shower using scent-free soaps?
A:  We all do and have invested a lot of time and money in our hunting gear and clothing, and it isnít cheap.  Yet having watched many hunters from all over
the country prepare to go to the field, I have noticed that very few of them do a good job of keeping their clothing scent-free, particularly the exterior surfaces. 
In addition, very few hunters use scent elimination sprays correctly - a couple of squirts here and there and they think that is good enough.  Other hunters claim
they only hunt in locations where the wind is perfect, and I try to also.  But unfortunately the wind swirls and can change directions suddenly, making it
impossible to move locations at 4:30 in the afternoon, when it gets dark at 5:15 and you already have deer moving by your stand.  The ScentMaster is
designed to help you do everything you can to control your scent in a way which is simple to use, and makes sense in the everyday, real world.  The
ScentMaster will make a difference for you.

QCan I use my ScentMaster in the back of my truck?
A: Yes you can,  The ScentMaster motor requires a minimum inverter watt rating of 789 or 1 HP.

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