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Prior to the Season
Having purchased new clothing or using clothing you already own, follow the steps you have in the past, or the steps below.
1.Run your washing machine with no clothing in it, using a scent-free detergent to remove unwanted household odors.
2.Wash you clothing, again using a scent-free detergent.
3.While doing step 2, run a full cycle on your dryer using scent-free dryer sheets to remove unwanted, lingering odors left by household clothing.
4.Upon completion of the washing cycle, remove the used scent-free dryer sheets, and put your clothing into the dryer with new scent-free dryer sheets.
5.When the dryer cycle is completed, you are ready to use the ScentMaster.
One note, be sure to always follow the clothing manufacturers washing and drying instructions regarding cycle types and temperatures, to avoid damage to your clothing.

Initially using the ScentMaster
1.Place the large charcoal filter in the bottom of the ScentMaster box and
the small filter layed out in the scent basket.
2.Place your clothing into the ScentMaster.  I also place my boots, hat, pack, release, and binocular straps in at the same time.
3.Turn the ScentMaster on for 15-30 minutes allowing the air to circulate completely through your clothing.  Please note, the ScentMaster is sold only for individual use, and designed to accommodate only 1 hunterís set of clothing.  Overloading or tightly packing the ScentMaster will decrease its effectiveness.
4.You are now ready to hunt scent-free.  Leave your clothing in the ScentMaster until you are ready to dress and head for the field.
5.If you wish to use a cover scent such as fresh earth, etc., to impregnate your clothing, bu sure to first remove both charcoal filters from the ScentMaster.
6.Apply the spray or gel to a scent pad, or fill a scent bag with your own mixture and place in the scent box.  If you use your own mixture, be sure to use something native to your area, like sage, cedar, oak leaves, etc.  Deer will become suspicious if they smell a cover scent such as cedar and there are no cedar trees within 5 miles of where you hunt.
7.Run the ScentMaster for 10 minutes or longer, depending on how strong you want your clothing to smell of the cover scent.  Periodically check your clothing to gauge the strength of the cover scent.
8.You are now ready to hunt!

Ongoing use of the ScentMaster
1.Each day when I come in from hunting, I undress and drop my clothing in the box and turn the ScentMaster on with the charcoal filters in place for 15 minutes or so.
2.By doing so, my equipment and clothing are always together, clean, and ready for my next hunt.
3.It has been my experience that each hunter will develop their own routine and preferences as to how they use the ScentMaster.
One final thought, donít skimp on your personal hygiene.  Bathe with unscented soap, avoid contact with smoke, gasoline, etc.  And if at all possible, dress once you reach your location if you are driving.  Your body and clothing can be 100% scent-free when you leave the house  or lodge, but if you come into contact with unnatural, noxious odors en route to your location, your body, hair, and clothing will pick these scents up.

The ScentMaster is easy to use, very effective, and convenient.  Use it correctly and regularly, and you will see a marked difference in the number of close encounters you have each year!

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