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BIO: Jeremy Schaaf

I was raised in the sandhills of NE, a place in which I will always
call home. My father has always taken part in hunting and fishing, and
when I was finally of age that I was allowed to tag along, it was an
instant love affair that would later become a way of life. That first
time I accompanied him on a deer hunt in Western NE, I knew that hunting
big game animals would always be a passion of mine.

It wasn't until my late twenty's or early thirty's that I picked up a
bow for the first time, and it really did change my life. Bowhunting
opened my eyes to an entire new world that I completely encased myself
in. I reached out to other bowhunters, read everything I could get my
hands on, and watched hours upon hours of hunting shows, trying to learn
how to read maps, sign, body language, and ultimately how to play chess
with mature animals. I've had some good success on my hunting adventures
with some mishaps and learning curves along the way. I wouldn't change
a thing either. All those experiences combine to make you who you are
as a hunter, and continually drive you to higher goals.

I am truly blessed to have a career in the hunting industry, as it
allows me to be involved with other like minded people that love the
outdoors as much as I do. Bowhunting not only is my passion and way of
life, it really is my higher power.
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