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My name is Heath Whetstine, head guide for Rawhide Outfitters in Kansas and Founder of Mosquito Creek Productions.  I used the ScentMaster all season and it is a great addition and difference maker for your scent control system.  I arrowed this great Kansas buck at 12 steps, and thanks to my ScentMaster, he never knew what hit him.
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Since owning the ScentMaster the number of encounters I am having has increased drastically.  Scent Control is so important to me and this product has put me over the top.
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Cory Wiedel
The best way to describe ScentMaster
is unbelievable. When I first heard
about it from a fellow hunter, frankly I
did not believe him. There was no way I
thought a black box would change the
way I would hunt. But it did. See what
it did for me this fall, my best buck
Jesse from PA
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ScentMaster gives me the confidence
that I can hunt completely scent free.
Jim from New Jersey, Pictured right
My experience with the ScentMaster
has been unbelievable, especially
during bow hunting season hunting
mature whitetails. It is a MUST HAVE
piece of equipment for every serious
whitetail hunter.
Ed from PA
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ďThank you for enjoying and sharing my
feelings about serious deer hunting. As you
can tell from the pictures, when things work
you stick with them, and the ScentMaster
works. I know ScentMaster has updated
models available but by the time I wear my
current one out, Iíll most likely be too old
to put in all the time and effort to REALLY
HUNT. So I guess you could say my
ScentMaster will last me a lifetime of deer
hunting! Thanks again for the great service.Ē
Bob, Pictured left
The ScentMaster is that missing piece
of the puzzle that so many guys need
and have been looking for. It really is a
difference maker for me.
Byran from Kansas
Several years ago I purchased a SCENT MASTER to use for Scent Control for my hunting clothes and gear. My SCENT MASTER today is still a main part of my arsenal and it has worked flawlessly since my original purchase.
I highly recommend the SCENT MASTER for all hunters that are serious
about scent elimination and scent masking.

Buy it today, it works!!

Rick E.   South Carolina
I have owned a ScentMaster for a long time, I use it daily and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about scent control.  I have been to Canada twice to bear hunt, and also have been deer hunting in Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado, and of course hunt here in my home state of Pennsylvania-and I never leave home without using it and I take it on all my trips.  I do taxidermy work for a living and when people ask me about all the animals in my showroom, I tell them it is all due to my ScentMaster.  My brother uses mine where he lives in the Poconos for coyote hunting and I can tell you the only way to outsmart the nose of an animal is with the ScentMaster.  People have asked me what I donít like about the ScentMaster and it is this:  Everyone wants to use mine-I tell them to get their own!!!

Scott Covelens
Hi Jamie, We used your ScentMaster box all weekend and I have to say it has raised the bar on being scent free!  What an awesome product!  Nice looking, lightweight, contains a lot of gear and IT WORKS.  Unbelievable.  Great Job.

Bruce Rossman, Whitetail Paradise
From the Webmaster

Well it all started when my son decided to lean on his grandpas bulldozer with his new North Face jacket on. Well you guessed it he got some of that really nasty grease on his jacket, well mom tried her best to get it out in all the conventional ways but was unsuccessful. So she asked me, well a few sprays of carburetor cleaner and the grease was out but now a new problem, it smelled she washed it and washed it but the smell was stubborn and would not go away. The answer was the ScentMaster she said ya right but 1 hour in the box and the smell is no more. So now she is a true believer.

John White
Webmaster for ScentMaster
Hello Scent Master Folks....

I just received your Scent Master Box in the mail last week and thought you would like to see a field photo of how your system works.  I am a Pro Staffer for Buck Evolution out here in Southern Oregon and I'm the owner of Rogue Outfitters.  We do trophy blackbear and blacktail hunts.  My wife (Kim) took this trophy black bear at 70 yards with the wind blowing directly to him from behind us.  Using your system, the big boar never knew we were there.  We have the system running in our guest quarters and all of our clients that hunt and stay with us will be using it.  I look forward to sending you some more photos as the season unfolds. Thanks again for a great product.  

John Souza
Rogue Outfitters, Owner
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Just wanted to send you a few pictures of my 2011 Kansas deer. It's my best deer to date he's five and half years old and scores right at  153".  What was great about this hunt is it was I used the Scentmaster for the  first time. Although I had numerous deer older does and even some  mature  bucks down wind, NONE of them could smell me or showed any signs of concern.  I'm usually very skeptical when it comes to the next big thing, but the
Scentmaster is the real deal. Thanks for making such a great product.


Marty Hug, Owner

Split Arrow Archery


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As promised, here is our testimonal and picture of one of our many successes that occured on 11/5/09. Jim McHale on left and Jim  Ennis on right. Jim Mchale harvested this beauty at 8 yards with his bow. We both give credit to your Scent Master. We both own the original from 1997 and use it between every hunt. I have had deer directly down wind from me on many occasions and they have not scented me. Of course keeping your body clean and scent free helps also, but neither of us would think of a hunt without 1st running our hunting clothes thru the scent master. Thanks for a great product from two 72 year old Pennsylvania Bowhunters.
Jim Ennis
Pictured right
Jim Mchale
I have used the sent master for years. I hunt in the Adirondacks so I wear a
lot of wool clothes that absorbs a lot of odors.With the sent master I feel
confident that I will blend into my surroundings.I use the carbon sheets to
take all sent away,then use a small amount of doe urine as not to alarm the

Thanks again 
John, Pictured right
Webmaster John White
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Around this time last year Terron was telling me how he was getting in with this new product they called the "ScentMaster" and was going to be
a possible Rep for them and well like anybody trying to sell a new product he gave me the salesman talk on how great this product was and how
it was going to take over the scent control industry.......and for months he kept telling me i needed to invest in one.....well he finally talked me
into it at the Nebraska Big Buck classic up in Omaha when they had a show deal on them i thought i would be a good friend and purchase one, all
though i had a lot of doubt in my mind yet, that all you had to do was throw your hunting apparel into some hyped up Rubbermaid tub with some
carbon filters and a blower motor that pushes 130 degree air to eliminate the scent in your hunting apparel and equipment and get away from
using scent free laundry detergent and all the other products out there to prevent human odor in your clothes. Well this week with season
getting close i decided i would test this baby out, so i gathered all of my early season apparel and equipment which all had been in actual
Rubbermaid tubs from the previous season and put in the ScentMaster, but had found my scent lock gloves in the center counsel of my truck
along with some rather strong smelling air fresheners that had saturated their smell into my gloves. So i figured this would be the perfect test for
the ScentMaster. I put them in the bottom of the tote and piled the rest of my stuff in and shut the lid, I turned the timer to an hour and went to
the gym to work out. When i arrived home later in the day i went straight to the ScentMaster open the lid and went straight for the gloves. And
to my surprise, the ScentMaster had completely removed the smell of the car freshener from the gloves and now has made me a firm believer
that this product does work and will be a valuable tool for the avid hunters out there. The final test will be in the field at the moment of truth but
have no doubts now that it will perform as well as promised. Thanks ScentMaster and Terron Bauer, I recommend this product to anyone
Derek Leininger
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A customer using the Scentmaster at red creek outfitters in Utah scored on this giant 200 plus inch muley!
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Thanks ScentMaster
"We have 2 slick heads down on film today.  9 deer downwind of us for 20 minutes--never winded us. ScentMaster box rocks! Your product is unbelievable! The footage we got today is unreal" from Jeff at WWDOutdoors Pictured right Carl and Jack Esterly
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Nice 330 bull, Scentmaster treated clothes" from Red Creek Outfitters.  Pictured right
Red Creek
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for donating a ScentMaster to our schoolís BackPack Program.  We use the ScentMaster each week to remove odors from the backpacks before refilling them for students.  Often the backpacks are returned to school with the smell of smoke, and the ScentMaster freshens and removes the smoke odor so it is not bothersome for students and staff who are working with the backpacks.  We also anticipate that as the weather gets colder we will be able to use the ScentMaster to remove odors and smoke from studentís coats as needed.  Because we use 100%  of the funds we raise to purchase food items for the students, we would not have been able to purchase something like this on our own.  It is with great appreciation that we thank you for being supportive of our BackPack program by donating this very helpful piece of equipment.

Becky Adkisson
K-6 Guidance Counselor
Fillmore Central Elementary
Geneva, NE
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